So, funny story

I belong to a local reading for writer’s book group.  Our book for January was Julie and Julia. As part of the takeaway of the experience, we, the group members, challenged each other to take on a year-long task and blog about it. I write (and hope to publish) Sherlockian pastiche, so the immediate and easy thought was “I need to reread the canon anyway, so why not give myself extra incentive?”

So, that’s the challenge: the entirety of Holmesian canon in a year. Fifty-six short stories, four novels, in fifty-two weeks. A blog post in reaction to each. Doable, right?

Let’s add an extra degree of difficulty: a piece of related flash fiction after each story/book, 500-1000 words, because I like to torture myself.

So, that’s my challenge, starting February 1st. Which also happens to be my 40th birthday, but let’s not dwell on that. My impending midlife crisis isn’t the point. 🙂

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