A Word About Order

So, for the purposes of this undertaking, I started at the beginning, with the first Holmes story Doyle penned. It made the most sense to start there.  The introduction of the project should start with the introduction of the characters.  Going forward, though, I’m going to take it a little off-road.

The obvious thing to do would be to go through the stories in the order they were published.  But wouldn’t it be interesting to see how they all fit together when you place them in order of established chronology?  How does the continuity hold together when you take the stories and analyze them that way?  (I promise this has nothing to do with not wanting to dive into another novel-length story the second week in.)

So, I tracked down this list, which sets the stories in chronological order based on the fan’s investigation of the text.  I’ll base the order of my journey through the canon on this list from here out.  Next Monday, it’ll be “The Gloria Scott” and “The Musgrave Ritual.”  There won’t be two stories every week, of course, but with 52 weeks and 60 stories, there will be some doubling up.  

See you next week, for Sherlock’s first cases, and a ficlet about when Charlotte got bitten by the investigative bug.

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