The Sibling (En)Treaty, Part II

Like with most ideas, I was in the shower tonight when the other Holmes twin popped up in my head and demanded he get the opportunity to respond to his sister’s letter. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before that Mycroft tends to be just as persistent as Charlotte, on occasion, when he has something he wants to say.

So, this week, the fic comes in two parts.

The Sibling (En)Treaty, Part II

My most adored (and less intelligent) sister,

It was grand to get word from you, Charlotte, even if most of the words tossed at me were either insulting or scolding. Mind that I’ve sent you nothing but pleasant and sweet correspondence this entire time, while you’ve yelled and ranted and called me such horrible names. I’m really quite put upon. Horrendously. I may never recover.

My triumphant return and the cause behind it was supposed to be a surprise for you, silly squirrel. Our beloved aunt wasn’t supposed to share that news with you. I was going to show up at the door, without warning or fanfare, and catch you entirely off guard. See? I wasn’t being a forgetful or impolite brother; I was planning something nice for you. All ruined, though. Now I’ll be met at the door at blade-point and forced into armed combat for my kind and sweet act.

You must provide me more information on this case! Our aunt is a horrible relater of such tales. I expect she thinks it will encourage you into similar adventures if she takes up the telling. The papers do nothing to spotlight your brilliance, either, the lousy…well, I’ll keep the word to myself. Been in the presence of lads too long. Forgot how to speak to polite young ladies. Should practice on you so that I’m back on track before I speak to any actual ones. I must know more, though!

I’m wary to ask more about this Fidelia. I can’t think of many occupations I’d disapprove of and the fact you say I would makes me curious and cautious. Will I at least get to meet her?

I’m going to leave the topic of Doctor Watson alone, except to say perhaps it’s best he confounds you and that you leave it at that. I will similarly leave it as well.

I’d write more, but I’m supposed to catch a train and want to get this sent before I board. Tell our sweet aunt that I forgive her for ruining my surprise and still adore her, and that I will see you both soon. Take care of each other and stay out of trouble!

With much love,


P.S. In regards to your postscript, I do have something for you, though I refuse to answer as to what. Or whether or not tobacco of any sort is included in my purchases. Smoking is very unbecoming of a lady, as you know. But since it’s just you, perhaps it’s alright.

P.P.S. If we are to duel, I choose firearms, as I’m at least assured to come out the winner compared to your horrid aim.