The Foreign Minister’s Clerk

(Author’s note: I struggled a bit with what to write this week.  Firstly, I finally broke down and bought the “Hamilton” soundtrack instead of just borrowing it from the Hoopla whenever the mood struck and now I’m taking full advantage of being able to listen to it on an endless loop.  Music about an 18th Century figure doesn’t jive well with trying to write a 19th Century character.  At least not in my brain.  Secondly, I spent last weekend elbows deep in edits for Book Two, so my Charlotte-muse was feeling a little burnt out.  However, the other Holmes’ sibling was quick to raise his hand, dance around, and all but scream “I volunteer as tribute!”  [I also finally watched part two of “Mockingjay,” hence the Hunger Games reference.]  Mycroft reminded me he’s got his hands on information he isn’t supposed to have, and we haven’t exactly seen how he get it.  He hadn’t even told me how he got it before now.

Don’t worry, no spoilers.  I’m not 100% sure what the info is, and I can’t spoil things I haven’t entirely figured out myself yet.)

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