Lend Me An Ear

(Author’s note: Still playing catch-up.  This is the story that should have gone with “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box.”  The one for Hound of the Baskervilles is still forthcoming.  The post on ”The Blue Carbuncle” will probably go up before that, though, then the story to go with it will probably follow after I get last week’s up.  Plan is to be fully caught up by the end of the week, barring malfunctioning air conditioners and storms that knock out the power a day after fixing the AC. 

Yes, last week was fun.

Things I’ve neglected thus far that are essential bits of Holmesian lore: his prolific monograph penning.  It’s something that I think is mentioned in Book One, but I haven’t touched on in these shorts yet, and it needs to be.  Especially since it comes up again in “The Cardboard Box.”

Something else I’ve neglected, more specific to Charlotte’s lore: Anne and her knowledge of all the sneaking about going on right under her nose.

Both get addressed now.)

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