Quick Update

I know the usual commentary + fiction combo didn’t go up last week.  These past two weeks have been hard and of all the things I could let slip in my life, this was the least personally destructive.  So, the blog fell by the wayside.  For that reason, we’ll consider last week an off week and I’ll get to “the Boscombe Valley Mystery” (and, thus, the last of the stories in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) Wednesday or so and its accompanying story later in the week.  Next week, to keep on track, I’ll cover both “Charles Augustus Milverton” (yay!) and “The Final Problem” (booo!) and likely discuss what makes a good villain/arch nemesis in the process.  Only fitting, since Milverton and Moriarty are my favorite villains in the canon.

The story that should have gone up with “The Copper Beeches” will get posted eventually.  When I’m happy with it.  Right now, I’m really not.

There will be something up tomorrow, though it’s not exactly on topic.  Apologies for that.

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