About the Author

Diana L Marsh is a writer, a bureaucratic drone, and a lover of Victoriana and the world of Sherlock Holmes, among other things.  She lives in Kansas, but she left her heart in the Highlands of Scotland in 2013.

She writes mysteries, mostly, and has a penchant for a certain London consulting detective and a former Army surgeon (or her twist on them, at least).  An unashamed geek and history lover, she’s been known to play fast and loose with 19th Century US history as well (with steampunk and trains and vampire pirates, oh my!) or try to insert the paranormal into 1950s Kansas (with no steampunk or trains, but definitely still with vampires).  When she’s not doing any of that, she’s usually binge watching British television or true crime documentaries, listening to one of the eight million podcasts she subscribes to, or is being held captive by her benevolent four-legged dictators. Oh, she might also be a casual fan of “Hamilton: An American Musical.” It depends on your definition of “casual.”  (Work!)

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