Order and Progress

As discussed in this post, I’m taking a chronological approach to the canon, utilizing the hard work someone else put into attempting to suss out a timeline for the stories.  The table below is for tracking purposes of what’s been done and what’s still to do.

Week Stories Associated Vignette
1 A Study in Scarlet (novel) “A Study in Smoke”
2 “The Gloria Scott” and “The Musgrave Ritual”  “The Baker Street Ritual”
3 “The Speckled Band”  “The Case of the Opal Tiara”
4 “The Yellow Face”  “Adventure of the Blank Face”
5 “The Red Circle”  “The Instance of the Black Eye”
6 “The Beryl Coronet” “The Adventure of the Ebony Cameo”
7 “The Resident Patient” “The Adventure of the Resident Doctor”
8 “The Reigate Squires” and “The Second Stain”  “The Baker Street Puzzle”
9 “The Naval Treaty” “The Sibling (En)Treaty I, and II
10 “The Crooked Man”  “The Limping Man”
11 “The Five Orange Pips”  “The Orange Conundrum”
12 “The Noble Bachelor”  “The Ignoble Bachelor(s)”
14 “A Scandal in Bohemia”  “The Darlington Substitution”
14 The Valley of Fear  (novel)  “The Erichsen Cipher”
15 “A Case of Identity”  “The Adventure of the Tell-Tale Typewriter”
16 “The Greek Interpreter”  “The Holmes Interpreter”
17 The Sign of the Four  (novel)  “Four Cures for Boredom”
18 “Silver Blaze”  “A Day at the Races”
19 “The Stock-broker’s Clerk” and “The Redheaded League”  “The Foreign Minister’s Clerk”
20 The Man with the Twisted Lip  “The Man with the Fat Lip
21 The Engineer’s Thumb  “The One That Got Away
22 The Cardboard Box  “Lend Me An Ear
23 The Hound of the Baskervilles (novel)  “Excerpts from the Journal of John Watson
24 The Blue Carbuncle  “The Case of the Blue Scarf
25 The Copper Beeches
26 “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”
27 “Charles Augustus Milverton” and “The Final Problem”  “The Milverton Stratagem
28 Wisteria Lodge
29 Three Gables
30 The Empty House John Watson, the World’s Second Consulting Detective
31 The Mazarin Stone
32 The Norwood Builder
33 The Golden Pince-nez
34 The Solitary Cyclist
35 The Three Students
36 Black Peter
37 The Bruce-Partington Plans
38 “The Veiled Lodger” and “The Missing Three-Quarter”
39 “The Dancing Men,”  “Priory School,” “Abbey Grange,” and “The Six Napoleons”
40  “The Dying Detective,” “The Disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax,””The Devil’s Foot,” and “His Last Bow”
41 “The Illustrious Client,”  “The Blanched Soldier,” “The Sussex Vampire,” ”The Three Garridebs,” and”Thor Bridge”
42 “The Creeping Man,” “The Lion’s Mane,” “Shoscombe Old Place,”  and “The Retired Colourman”